Soyons Black was born from a simple observation: it is a real problem to find tights for black and mixed skin. Very few brands offer a range of complexions suitable for colored skin.

We experience this on some chilly mornings, when we want to wear tights for the day, but don’t want to put on the usual eternal black tights.

 No matter how hard we look, there is no way to find products matching our natural colors.

 Only a few branded models come a little closer to what we are looking for, but it is difficult to find a whole range of coherent products that are really intended for dark, mixed and black skin.

That is the reason why, and with the contribution of a few friends, Soyons Black! ™ was launched in 2011 by Sophie Londinière, with a range of products corresponding to different skin tones, from lighter mixed skin to darker black skin, intended for all, especially for those who wish to wear tights without altering their skin color.

Accompanied by Fanta Sy since 2019, our Soyons Black team wants to make your life easier when it comes to being feminine and authentic, by wearing the tights your skin deserves, and because also let’s say it: we deserve what looks like us.

Sophie Londinière & Fanta Sy

 Let’s beBlack! Pl