Our tights are positioned in the high quality segment: they are comfortable, durable, and low gloss. A pair of tights SoyonsBLACK consists of different elements: the belt, the panties, the pantyhose, and reinforcements. They are supplied in a compact box with two levels of protection.

The Panties


These are straight panties, 40 denier, thicker than the pantyhose, for added strength. Its composition, 85% nylon and 15% elastane (lycra), makes it very supple and soft. It is equipped with a gusset in the crotch, which provides both more comfort in the area, and more resistance, by reducing effects on the seams.







The tights


The leg portion has no seam or pattern for an invisible effect perfect. With a thickness of 15 deniers, the tight is very light, very soft and low gloss. Composed of 85% nylon and 15% elastane (Lycra), it is highly elastic, very comfortable, and durable. Finally, it is extremely fine to strengthen the “nude skin” effect, and highlight the natural color of the skin.




The reinforcements


The SoyonsBLACK tights are reinforced at the toes, making them more resistant in this area under a lot of pressure, while discreet remaining, making the sticky compatible with shoes letting appear toe, without hiding toes or varnish.




The resistance


As described above, SoyonsBLACK tights have different reinforcements, and a composition of materials ensuring their superior resistance. They are tough enough to be used up to 5 times or more under normal conditions. This varies depending on the uses, and user. However, it is useful to remember that tights, however reinforced they may be, remain inherently fragile, and require special care. Without special attention, it can always happen to fray it by putting it on the first time. Similarly, a damaged seat or wall crepi represent risks regardless of the type of tights. However, under normal conditions of use, our tights will give you above average longevity.


The maintenance

SoyonsBLACK tights are hand washable in lukewarm water (the
too high temperatures will damage elastane). They can
also be machine washed, however the use of a net is
highly recommended.


The Packaging

The packaging of SoyonsBLACK tights consists of a plastic bag, and a cardboard box, offering maximum protection to the tights until use. The compact case makes it easy to slip into a purse, travel bag or drawer, without the risk of accidentally damaging them. The cardboard box can also be used to store tights while waiting for another use.


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