Payment Methods

Soyons Black accepte 2 payment methods:

1) payment by VISA and MasterCard credit card.


Whether you are in France or in any country in the world, you have the option of paying with a local bank card, whether it is a Visa or Mastercard.

We have chosen as a partner for bank card transactions.

PayPlug transactions are carried out over an HTTPS link established between the client and the payment server. Sensitive data, such as the customer’s credit card number and its expiration date, are fully encrypted and protected using SSL to prevent the information exchanged from being intercepted in clear by a third party during the transaction. transaction.



Card numbers are encrypted instantly and cannot be accessed by PayPlug merchants. In addition, PayPlug does not store card numbers and relies on a secure infrastructure that complies with the international PCI-DSS standard. To learn more about this standard, click here



All the pages of the PayPlug website, as well as the transmission links are secured using SSL and have a Thawte Extended Validation security certificate.

2) Payment by Paypal account

PayPal, the undisputed leader in online payments, allows buyers and sellers to send and receive payments online. PayPal has over 100 million accounts in 190 countries and regions around the world. It is accepted by merchants everywhere, both on eBay and outside of eBay.


PayPal helps protect your credit card information with the best systems on the market for security and fraud prevention. When you use PayPal, your financial information is never shared with the merchant.

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