Product description

Our products are high end: they are comfortable, durable, and low gloss. A pair of soyonsBLACK pantyhose consists of several elements: the belt, panty, legging, and reinforcements. They are packaged in a compact cardboard box with two levels of protection.

The belt:

Located at the top, maintains the fit. The pantyhose remains in place, does not fall or roll. The belt plays an important role in the sense of overall comfort by supporting the outline of the waist.


The panty:

A stand alone panty, 40 denier thick, thicker than the material that composes the legging, for increased strength. Composed of 85% nylon and 15% spandex, very soft and supple. It features a gusseted crotch, which ensures both comfort in the area, and more resistance by decreasing the areas of stress on the seams.


The leggings:

The leggings are seamless and have no pattern for a perfect invisible effect. With a thickness of 15 denier, they are very light, soft and slightly shiny. Made of 85% nylon and 15% elastane (lycra), they are very elastic, comfortable, and durable. Finally, they are extremely thin to enhance the  "bare skin" effect, and the natural color of the skin.


Reinforced Toe:

soyonsBLACK pantyhose are reinforced at the toe, making them more resistant to runs, while remaining discreet and still allowing polished toenails to be seen.



Materials and reinforcements ensure soyonsBLACK pantyhose superior strength. They are strong enough to be used up to 5 times or more under normal conditions and maintenance. This varies depending on the use and user. However, it is worth remembering that a pantyhose, though strengthened, remains intrinsically fragile and requires special care. Without special attention, causing runs on first use is still possible. Similarly, a damaged seat or plastered wall represent risks regardless of the type of pantyhose.
However, with normal use, our pantyhose will offer above average durability.



soyonsBLACK pantyhose are hand-washable with lukewarm water (high temperatures damage spandex). They are also machine-washable, though the use of a net is  highly recommended.



soyonsBLACK package consists of a plastic bag and a cardboard case, providing maximum protection for the pantyhose until use. The compact case (5.1x1.2x2.7in) makes it easy to slip into a handbag, purse, travel bag, or a drawer, with no risk of damaging the pantyhose. The cardboard box can also be used to store the pantyhose between uses.