soyonsBlack was born from a simple observation: it is a real headache to find pantyhose for black women. No brand offers a range of shades matching different dark skin tones.


I faced this reality on a cold morning in Paris when I wanted to put tights on, but wanted something different from the usual black stockings. After investigating further, I found no products that matched my natural color. Only a few selections from different brands, scattered in different locations, were close, but it was difficult to find a whole range of consistent products genuinely intended for black skin. Even my most fashionista friends were at a loss. The conclusion was simple: there was no brand designed for me, or the diverse skin tones of women and girls of color.


So I decided to create my own brand ... 

In 2011 my friends and I launched soyonsBlack™. Our company offers a variety of pantyhoses for different skin tones ranging from the lightest to the darkest black skin, all tailored for those wishing to wear pantyhose that do not alter their natural skin color. 

I hope that like me, soyonsBlack will make your life easier when it comes to finding the tights that your skin deserves.


Sophie Londinière
Founder of Soyons Black